Why Booking Early is Best

Tis the season to prepare for the holiday season. As experienced travelers, we know that booking a holiday well in advance is the key to not only getting the best deal but also to make sure your chosen dates are available. Special offers are extremely limited during major holidays, such as Christmas and New Years, so starting your planning early can definitely be beneficial. We at All Star Van Rentals, have put together a short little list to help prove that now is the best time to book.

Don’t hesitate or you may end up missing out!

Last Minute Deals Are a Thing of the Past

Most of us tend to make spur of the moment decisions to get away and that’s part of the fun of going on holiday, but early booking, particularly over the holiday season has so many advantages. One of the main ones being rock-bottom-priced prices at the 11th hour, which used to be common in the travel industry, is now a thing of the past. In fact, it has now switched from that to the sooner the better when planning a trip. This is mainly due to the fact that flights and hotels get snapped up quickly for the busy dates when more travelers have time off from work and school.

Early Booking Bonuses

Not only can you get a better deal when you book early, sometimes you can get a few extras bundled on top to make your trip even more worth it. For example, if you book your All Star Van early enough, you can get other things cheaper at the time, such as parking at Disneyland.


Deposits are wonderful things. Because it ensures that you have secured your reservation, but also allows you to save some money right off the bat. Breaking up the payments is always a bonus.

Plethora of Availability

Maybe you’ve traveled with us before and you have a favorite vehicle? Or you are someone who knows exactly what they want. Well when you book early, you give yourself the best opportunity to get exactly what it is that you are after. And it’s not just your van, you have more options to choose better hotels and destinations without being limited by reduced inventory.

Make the Most of Your Dollar

There is nothing quite like having a good budget laid out. When you start looking at early bookings you get a better idea of how much things costs. Being able to space it out over a few months will make it seem like you are making your money go further. Rather than have all the bills piled up last minute before your trip, you can rest assured that you have enough spending money to fully enjoy your trip.