Tips And Tricks To Stay Safe During Spring Break

Spring break is a time where everyone undoes their ties, unbuttons their bras, gets into something comfortable and flowy, and let’s lose from the winters stresses. Whether you’re a hard-working parent or a hardworking student, you deserve some much-needed rest and relaxation. So

However, it is always good to err on the side of caution when it comes to traveling and letting loose. We have compiled a few tips and tricks to make sure that you are able to stay safe and let the fun keep flowing for all of spring break.

Know The Area You Are Going Too

It is essential to understand where you are traveling too. Use Google, The Lonely Planet, and Frommer to help you find secure places for tourists, as not all towns are created equal. As well as not all transportation in those areas is. Make sure that you have transportation to your hotel arranged prior to landing.

  • It’s always a good idea to look for the following things before flying:
  • Is the hotel in good standing
  • What transportations are safe and reliable
  • Are there any areas that should be avoided?
  • Are there any travel advisories in effect?

Know How To Protect Your Personal Belongings

One of the best tips ever given to us is actually one of the simplest things you can do. If you are traveling out of the country, scan every document/card you are traveling with. Keep one set of copies in a safe place at home and give one set of copies to someone you trust. This way, if anything gets stolen you have proof of who you are, where you’re from, and a what your credit card numbers are so you can cancel them.

It is definitely worth getting a lock for your backpack if you will be bringing it out and about with you. If you find yourself at a beach, talk to your hotel to see what they have for safe storage options to ensure your belongings don’t get stolen.

Try and keep the following items at home or well hidden:

  • Jewelry
  • Watches
  • Phones
  • Cameras
  • GoPro’s
  • Wallets

Always Include A Friend

Wandering alone while you’re traveling can feel thrilling and exhilarating, however, this is when you could be most easily targeted. Try and keep at least one of your friends or family members close by.

It may be extremely hard not to run off with your newly made friends, or that incredible hottie from the bar, but at the very least let people know who you are with, where you are going, and grab at least one friend.

Watch Your Drink/Drinking

No matter where you are, spiking of drinks is fairly common. Never leave your drink unattended, even when you go to the bathroom. You can always ask a friend to watch it or carry it with you. Make sure you see the drink come from the bartender/server, and never accept an open drink from a stranger. Keep in mind too, this is not just alcoholic beverages. This can be any drink.

As well, it is important to mention to try and not get too obliterated. It is very easy to get carried away on vacation. By taking it slow, you ensure that you won’t get yourself into any trouble or end up with alcohol poisoning.


Staying hydrated is the key to a great vacation. Whether you’re somewhere tropical or drinking in your hometown, getting enough water will make all the difference.  Try and have a water bottle on you at all times, drinking from it consistently.