One of the best things about renting a van to move around San Diego is that it also allows you to travel around a destination you may not have thought of initially : Mexico.

With a variety of beautiful beaches and picturesque towns scattered through Baja California and located less than a three-hour drive from San Diego, Mexico makes for a great day or weekend destination for those looking to try something new.


This colorful city is known for its bars and wild nightlife, but it has plenty more to offer; Shopping malls, mercados, museums, lucha libre shows, delicious food, beautiful beaches, casinos and more make for a great spot to start your weekend adventure.

If you’re planning to spend the night, then shop away the day at the local shopping malls and mercados, which will score you some discounted goods and beautiful handcrafts, as well as the opportunity to eat at a delicious restaurant.

Once you’ve shopped the day away, make sure to sign up for a local lucha libre show, which usually takes place Friday and Saturday to accommodate all kinds of visitors.

Tickets can be bought online, so there’s no need to worry.

If you’re only planning to use Tijuana as a quick stop, then go grab a bite at the Malec√≥n. This seaside street will give you some fantastic views of the ocean while providing you with numerous eating and shopping experiences.

Once you’re all set, you’re ready to visit your next destination.


If you’ve never visited Rosarito, Mexico, you’re in for a real treat.

This beautiful beach town is bustling with activity and history yet somehow maintains the spirit of a seaside retreat.

Like Tijuana, Rosarito offers an exciting nightlife that party-goers simply can’t miss. However, it also comes with a relaxed beach ambiance that once made this charming Mexican town a favorite destination for Hollywood Stars.

Rosarito makes for an excellent spot to spend an entire weekend, but if you want to get on your van and drive to a new destination, there’s still plenty of room to cover.

Puerto Nuevo

Located less than an hour and a half from San Diego, Puerto Nuevo is a foodie’s paradise, though that can be said about the entirety of Mexico.

What makes Puerto Nuevo so unique is its lobster, and a quick visit to this colorful town will give you an opportunity to try several different dishes and preparation methods, some of which you’ve never heard of.

Though Instagram worthy in more ways than one, Puerto Nuevo is a fairly tiny town, so staying may not be your best shot. Consider heading back to Rosarito or taking your van all the way down to Ensenada.


Another popular destination for tourists and expats alike, Ensenada encapsulates the ambiance of a beach town and injects it with its fair share of modernity, turning a small Mexican city into its own cosmopolitan microcosmos.

With numerous child-friendly museums, wineries galore, beautiful beaches, comfortable hotels and a wide arrange of natural attractions, Ensenada is an excellent place to cap your weekend trip.

Note: Keep in mind that Ensenada is just three hours away from San Diego, so if you prefer, you can simply take your van straight there and spend the weekend in this well-known Mexican destination.