Many travelers like the idea of leaving their electronics at home in order to fully immerse themselves during a trip, but in this day and age our entire lives are on our phones and computers. They store all of our important information, help us navigate, pay for things, and capture pictures and videos, so it’s nearly impossible to leave them behind.

Even if you want to have an electronics-free trip, everybody needs to be cautious and stay connected to some degree, just in case of emergency. Whether it is with family, friends, or even work, it is good to check in during your visit so people know you are okay and you can take care of any issues that may have come up in your absence.

Depending on where you are and what type of service you have, staying within reach isn’t always easy. Luckily, as we become more reliant on our electronic devices, we are able to connect to the internet in more places around the world. If you plan ahead and prepare for your trip knowing that you’ll need to connect to the internet from time to time, it will make things much easier once you are on your journey. Keep reading to find out how to stay connected during your trip.


Whether you like it or not, taking trips requires planning. First, you decide where you want to go, who you are traveling with, and what kind of transportation you’ll need to get there. Another thing to keep in mind as you’re planning out your trip is how you’ll keep in touch with your loved ones, your family, your friends, or even your work.

Create a pre-travel checklist and be sure to include critical numbers, addresses, passwords, and any technology resources you might need. You may also want to write them down on paper just in case your phone doesn’t work, gets stolen, lost, or broken.


It’s something we use every day and always have access to, however, tapping into WiFi as a traveler can be a little bit harder. Suppose you have trouble establishing a good connection to call home while on your trip. Local WiFi offers a quick and easy solution to check in with your loved ones.

You can use free WiFi at your hotel or other accommodation. If these options don’t work, you can always go to a nearby restaurant, bar, or cafe to get a strong enough connection. Here, you’ll be able to sign in to your social media accounts, messaging applications, to send and receive messages, or use video calling apps like Skype or Google Hangouts.


In addition to normal WiFi, mobile WiFi devices are more reliable today than ever. They allow you to share data with any WiFi-capable device you’re carrying on your trip. If you are traveling with a group, this is a great choice because it gives you the option to share with your friends or family.

Planning for something as simple as connecting to the internet may seem a little extreme, especially when you just want to enjoy your vacation, but you’ll be happy you did when you can easily check in with loved ones and be at peace during your trip.