Save yourself a future headache just by packing a with a few of these must-have items for your amazing spring break getaway. When the excitements start to flow as the weekend to spring break is nearing, we have a tendency to forget some of the essentials in our state of euphoria while packing. We’ve got you covered with a quick checklist of some hot items that you should not leave without.


This is your best friend. No one wants to be a lobster in all the pictures, not to mention, the pain associated with it. Sadly, there is no magical cream we can put on yet that makes it so we never have to worry about the sun rays ever again. So, make sure to buy a high enough SPF sunscreen and reapply every couple hours.

Aloe Vera

If you find your one of those unlucky individuals that get burned no matter how hard you try not too, aloe vera will very well become your new best friend. This fantastic cooling and healing concoction is there to help with the aches, pains, and humiliation.

Bring aloe vera gel to relieve and soothe your skin for sunburn, or some other minor burn or abrasion that you don’t remember getting.

Water Bottle

Hydration is going to have to be your number one concern while you’re having fun this spring break because, without it, your trip will likely end up pretty short. When you spend your time in the sun and adding drinking to it,


You may laugh when you first read this, but summer colds and wine spills will have you wishing you had some extra kleenex around. Not to mention, a lot of bar bathrooms are not known for the swiftness of replacing their toilet paper, so you will never be left empty handed when you have kleenex with you.


Along with the possibility of toilet paper, depending on where you are, you may not find the luxuries of soap all the time. Especially in beach bars! Having a small thing of hand sanitizer on you will help you beat the traveling cold and keep you clean in all situations.

Tylenol or Advil: Pick Your Hangover/Headache Remedy

Having a headache when you’re supposed to be enjoying the beach is no fun. So whether it was induced by too much sun or too much tequila, having either some Tylenol or Advil on you will make all the difference. 

Nail Clippers And Tweezers

You never know when you are going to tweeze out a sliver of wood or cut of an annoying hangnail. Having your own, clean and sanitized, tools will not only be handy, but safer. 

Baby wipes

Now you may initially laugh at this. But baby wipes are amazing for so many things. You can clean messes, take off makeup, sanitize your hands, use them as cooling pads on sunburn, and use them as toilet paper. Not to mention if you’re visiting a tropical place and are facing some hot temperatures, it will feel great to wipe your sweat off with these.