You’ve packed your bags, and you’ve double-checked your road trip essentials list; Now it’s time to take a look at those little extras that will make your adventure all the more enjoyable!

While they’re a bit of a summer staple, road trips are enjoyable year-round, which means it’s never the wrong season to go on an adventure.

We’ve previously discussed summer road trip essentials as well as the things you want to pack if your dog is traveling with you, so today, we’ll focus on the things that can make your road trip all the more comfortable.

Let’s get started!


When it comes to road trips, sunglasses are far more than an accessory. A well-fitted, high-quality pair of sunglasses can make a world of difference during afternoon and morning drives.

Window Shade

Sunglasses will protect your eyes, but window shades will protect your skin, particularly during hot days where the sun seems hell-bent on roasting you!

Mini Hairbrush

Few things are more enjoyable than letting the breeze enter your car as you drive, but that can really mess up your hair.

A small hairbrush will help you look your best while you enjoy your road trip!

Toilet Paper

Nothing will ruin a fun road trip faster than stopping at a restroom only to find out they’re all out of toilet paper.

Keep a roll (or two) in your car and take it with you whenever you need to use the restroom.

Car Cooler

Eating in the car can be messy, but sometimes it’s unavoidable, especially if you’re aiming to drive for a long time.

While rest stops always have food available, a car cooler can ensure you always have fresh food and water when you need it and if you’re on a diet or have special dietary needs, a car cooler can really make things easier for you.

Comfy Shoes

You may not be walking, but comfortable shoes can do wonders when it comes to driving for a long time.

We don’t advise wearing flip-flops if you’re driving, but it’s the kind of footwear a savvy copilot would be wearing, particularly if you’re planning to visit one of the many beaches near San Diego.


While we’re on the subject of visiting beaches, a towel is an excellent extra you can carry with you if you’re planning to go swimming.

Even if you’re not, there’s no harm in bringing a towel just in case. From accidents with liquids to impromptu motel stays; one never knows when a towel could be needed.


Whether it’s a travel one or the one you use at home, pillows are always a great addition to any road trip.

Not only do pillows allow for extra comfort for passengers, but just like towels, they can be handy if you have to spend the night somewhere.


For your phone, camera, laptop and any other gadget you may be carrying; having chargers on you ensures you don’t run out of battery when you need it the most.

Take the one you always use and, if possible, take a spare.

One never knows if someone else will need it or you’ll forget yours in a rest stop.