With San Diego and Mexico being so close together, it’s easy to travel south of the border to visit Mexico’s beautiful beaches, eat their delicious food, attend a business meeting, or do some shopping. Traveling to Mexico from San Diego can be done on foot, via a special shuttle, or in a car, and while the latter is the most convenient, many people hesitate to take their own vehicle to the neighboring country. If you’re in that camp, or you’re planning to travel to Mexico as a group and wish to use no more than one vehicle to accomplish this, you should consider renting a van to travel to Mexico. 

Mexico travel San Diego van rentals are the easiest, most convenient way of spending a day, a weekend or even more traveling around our neighboring country, and choosing to do so aboard one of the rigorously maintained vehicles from All-Star-Rent a Van makes it not only easy but also safe and convenient. 

All-Star has a large fleet of well-maintained Ford E-Series 11, 12, and 15-passenger vans you can use around San Diego or to visit Mexico; all well-maintained and taken care of to ensure your safety and safe return. They’re spacious, clean, comfortable, and, best of all, fully licensed to travel to and from Mexico with no issues, which makes All-Star the best Mexico travel San Diego van rental company out there. Renting a van from All-Star Rent a Van is an easy and straightforward process, and their complete dedication to customer safety and satisfaction makes the whole process a breeze. 

With a crew of dedicated workers willing to go above and beyond to make your experience the best, a comfortable fleet of well-maintained cars, and the opportunity to visit Mexico at the drop of a hat, All-Star rent a van should be at the top of your mind next time you’re looking to rent a van to travel to Mexico.


Convenient from the start. 

All-Star Rent a Van’s services are a breeze to hire; all you need is to be over 25 years of age, possess a valid driver’s license, and provide proof of liability insurance. If you meet those requirements, then calling All-Star’s offices or visiting their website is enough to make a reservation for the dates you want the van, after which you can decide whether you’ll pay in advance or upon arrival.

(These requirements apply to both the primary and additional drivers registered to each van, with a maximum of two drivers per van.)

When reserving your van, make sure to mention that you wish to take it to Mexico, which will ensure all the paperwork necessary is ready to go the moment you arrive; Keep in mind, though, that all passengers must make sure to verify that they can travel in and out of Mexico independently, as while All-Star’s vans may be able to travel, not all your passengers might. 


Available payment options. 

All-Star Rent a Van accepts cash, credit and debit cards, and checks, including traveler and VISA checks. Cash and credit cards can be done at the moment, but checks must be cleared at least four days before your arrival date for your reservation to be considered valid. 

Cash payments will only be received upon arrival, and debit and credit cards can be done via All-Star’s website, their offices, or over the phone.