Now that your road trip has ended, there’s still one more task you need to tackle: Clean up.

It’s best to do this as soon as possible, so here are some tips that will help you through.

Summer has ended, and so has your road trip.

You and your loved ones had your fun. You explored different cities, enjoyed unknown cuisines, and even discovered completely new nature spots that you’re itching to camp in next year.

With things coming down to an end, you might be tempted to get back home, park your car, and enjoy the embrace of your bed, leaving the post-road trip responsibilities to someone else.

While that’s a possibility if you’ve rented your vehicle, it’s something that you’ll have to do on your own if you didn’t.

Since it’s best to tackle the cleaning right away instead of waiting for when you have the time later (you won’t), we’ve compiled a list of tips to help you with the task.

Start from Inside

While some people prefer to wash the exterior first, cleaning the interior first has its merits, particularly when after a road trip.

Depending on how dirty your car is, cleaning the inside might dirty the outside as well, so it pays to do this in order.

Start from inside and work your way out.

Big things first, small things second.

You might be tempted to start vacuuming right away, and while that enthusiasm is commendable, it’ll serve you a lot better latter.

Start by removing big trash, such as wrappers, containers, attraction tickets, price tags, and more.

Remember to look under the seat, the glove box, between and under seat cushions, and even under the car mats.

No matter how careful you were about keeping your car clean when you started traveling, we guarantee you something escaped your notice, so be as thorough as possible.

Dust and Vacuum

A small duster and a car vacuum will be your most trusted tools when cleaning small spaces in your car, particularly if you’ve visited places like the desert or the beach.

Sand gets everywhere, and so does fine dust, so make sure to dust every surface you can think of, including the air vents, and then use your vacuum to collect the dust.

Remember to remove your car mats before doing this, because you’ll want to vacuum under them as well!

Wipe it!

Once you’ve finished “dry cleaning” your car’s interior, it’s time to use wet wipes, or at least a moistened piece of cloth, to wipe the console, dashboard, wheel, etc.

Don’t forget to clean the mats.

Depending on what type you have, a quick hosing down might do the job, but if they’re made from fabric or if they’re particularly dirty, you might have to wash them by hand.


Well, you’ve washed your car’s exterior before, and we’re sure you already have your own technique down, so we bow to your expertise on this subject.

Wash your car whichever way you know how to wash it, be it by hand outside your house or by taking it to a car wash.

The one thing we do recommend you do, though, is to pay extra attention to the grill and the wipers, as a lot of dirt (and dead bugs) tend to collect there after a long trip.

Taking your car for service or a quick checkup also doesn’t hurt.