Van Rental Services San Diego


When traveling, we all wish we could kick back and relax, but there are always logistics to consider. So while the effort is always worth it in the end, it's wise to make things easier for ourselves whenever possible; After all, traveling should be an enjoyable experience. With the help of companies like All-Star Rent

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Large Van Rental Del Mar


Forget the stress of traveling with a large group and focus on enjoying your journey. With All-Star Rent a Van, you can rent a large van to explore Del Mar and San Diego with ease. Their fleet of Ford-E Series vehicles can accommodate up to 15 passengers, making them perfect for small and large groups

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Rent a 15-Seater Van to Travel to Mexico


San Diego's proximity to Mexico makes short trips to our neighboring country an accessible reality for just about anyone, making day trips to Mexico one of the most popular activities for those visiting San Diego. If you're planning to visit Mexico, you may be wondering what the easiest way to travel there is, particularly if

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Van Rental to Travel to Mexico


San Diego's proximity to Mexico makes it easy for visitors to explore the wonders of the country's northern territories. While a quick trip to Tijuana is always a fun option, walking across the border or taking a shuttle limit what travelers can do. Unless you're moving around in a taxi or Uber, chances are you'll

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15-Seater Van Rental San Diego


Renting a 15-seater van is the easiest way to travel with a large group, be it a tour group, a family reunion, a work trip, or any other arrangement. A 15-seater van rental is not only more affordable and convenient than using public transportation, but it's also far more convenient, as it offers enough space

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What type of license is required to drive a van?


So you're visiting San Diego and you have decided that the best way to move around this beautiful city is in a rented van. Congratulations! You've made the right choice. With its amazing museums, gorgeous parks, incredible nightlife, exciting events, and world-class entertainment, San Diego is full of things to see and enjoy, and while

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Why you should rent a van when visiting San Diego


As one of the most visited cities in California, San Diego has plenty to offer to travelers from all over the world: Bustling commerce, incredible museums, a world-class zoo, a lively entertainment scene, amazing parks, you name it. What's more, while San Diego City alone can entertain a visitor for weeks, the metropolitan area also

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Passenger Vans: How to Get the Right One


Getting a passenger van for rent is usually one of the easiest and most comfortable ways of navigating a city like San Diego, as it provides you the kind of freedom and flexibility public transportation lacks; This goes double when talking about large passenger vans, which are to make transporting a large group much easier.

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Large Van Rental San Diego


Forget about the complications and focus on your journey. With All-Star Rent a Van, you can rent a large van in San Diego with minimal hassle, whether you're transporting goods, people, or both. Our large van rental service offers 11, 12, and 15-seaters that will guarantee your trip goes as smoothly as possible, whether you're

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