15 Passenger Van Rental in San Diego


Handling a medium-sized group is rarely easy, and that goes double if you account for finding a vehicle large enough to move all of them. Most rental vans tend to be too small for groups of 15, but buses are far too large, not to mention expensive. Sure, you could always attempt to break the

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Must-Have Items For Spring Break


Save yourself a future headache just by packing a with a few of these must-have items for your amazing spring break getaway. When the excitements start to flow as the weekend to spring break is nearing, we have a tendency to forget some of the essentials in our state of euphoria while packing. We’ve got

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Valentines Day For The Family


Valentines isn’t just for you and your significant other or spouse once you have children. While a portion of it still can be, it is always fun if you can include your children for part of it. We understand that at All Star Rent-A-Van and so we’ve compiled a small list of things you can

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Romantic Getaways In Mexico For Valentines


With Valentine's day just a few weeks away, it’s time to start thinking about a little rendezvous with your significant other. While often we are subjected to the buying side of Valentine’s day, it is time to think outside of the box. In fact, it’s time to think inside an All Star Van. At All

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Travel Tips For When You Arrive At The San Diego Airport


San Diego is the busiest airport in the USA, even though it is only home to one, single lane runway which is 9,401-feet long and 200-feet wide. The reason this airport gets so confusing is because it sits on 661 acres and there are 51 gates and 2 terminals. And then you add the 20

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Mini Vacation From The Holidays In Las Vegas


We all know that the holidays can be stressful. Between all the family dinners, office deadlines, and parties you have to attend between Christmas and New years, you really could use a vacation away from it all, couldn’t you? This is where All-Star Rent-a-Van comes in. Why not gather a few of your favorite people

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Best Christmas and New Year’s Transportation You Could Ask For!


The holidays are definitely one of our favorites here at All Star Rent A Van, and we are excited to see the festivities that are looming around the corner and yet to come. Since this is a time of year filled with family gatherings, friends get-togethers, office Christmas parties, children’s school concerts, and possibly even

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Why Booking Early is Best


Tis the season to prepare for the holiday season. As experienced travelers, we know that booking a holiday well in advance is the key to not only getting the best deal but also to make sure your chosen dates are available. Special offers are extremely limited during major holidays, such as Christmas and New Years,

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