Renting a 15-Seater to Travel to Mexico


One of the best things about San Diego's proximity to Mexico is that you can always drop by for a quick visit without having to bother with expensive plane tickets to take you there. Walking across the border is a popular option, albeit one with limitations, and if you plan on going further than Tijuana,

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Where Can I Rent a 15-Seater in San Diego?


If you're on the hunt for a trustworthy 15-Seater in San Diego that you can drive around the city or even take to Mexico, then look no further than All-Star Rent a Van, the family-run, local van rental company that will make traveling around San Diego a breeze! With a well-maintained fleet of top-quality vehicles

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Where Can I Rent a Full-Size Van in San Diego?


Are you looking for a trustworthy company to rent a full-sized van in San Diego? Do you prioritize safety above all else? If you've answered yes to any of these questions, then All-Star Rent a Van is the option for you! With a well-maintained fleet of top-quality vehicles and a dedication to providing exceptional customer

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Large Van Rental in San Diego


San Diego is known as America's Finest City, and with good reason. From its stunning beaches to its vibrant nightlife, there's something in San Diego for everyone. Museums, amusement parks, beautiful beach towns, and some of the largest parks in the world, there's plenty to do around here as long as you have transportation.  While

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Mexico Travel San Diego Van Rental


With San Diego and Mexico being so close together, it's easy to travel south of the border to visit Mexico's beautiful beaches, eat their delicious food, attend a business meeting, or do some shopping. Traveling to Mexico from San Diego can be done on foot, via a special shuttle, or in a car, and while

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San Diego Van Rental to Mexico


San Diego's proximity to Mexico makes it easy, if not downright tempting, for anyone to take a weekend-long trip to the neighboring country, something that's facilitated by the border crossing sections you can cross on foot or the numerous San Diego van rental to Mexico services offered around the city. So if you're interested in

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Van Rental Services San Diego


When traveling, we all wish we could kick back and relax, but there are always logistics to consider. So while the effort is always worth it in the end, it's wise to make things easier for ourselves whenever possible; After all, traveling should be an enjoyable experience. With the help of companies like All-Star Rent

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Large Van Rental Del Mar


Forget the stress of traveling with a large group and focus on enjoying your journey. With All-Star Rent a Van, you can rent a large van to explore Del Mar and San Diego with ease. Their fleet of Ford-E Series vehicles can accommodate up to 15 passengers, making them perfect for small and large groups

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