The holidays are definitely one of our favorites here at All Star Rent A Van, and we are excited to see the festivities that are looming around the corner and yet to come. Since this is a time of year filled with family gatherings, friends get-togethers, office Christmas parties, children’s school concerts, and possibly even a wedding or two, you want to make sure you can make it to every single event safely, punctually, and in style.

And not to mention, one thing we all know for sure, is there is going to be a lot of alcohol flowing at most of these events. This is why you should hear us out and consider renting a van. Instead of having everyone drive their separate vehicles, paying multiple cab fares, and risking someone driving intoxicated, you have the chance to combine efficiency and safety with a rental van.

If you are not convinced yet, take a look at these awesome extras!

Tour The City In Style Before You Get To The Party

Limos are so last Christmas, and not to mention, unreasonably expensive this time of the year. Get everyone in the van, and tour around the city! Go take a look at all the decorated houses before the Christmas or New Year’s Party. Do you know the best spot to see the fireworks? Well, now all your friends can come up there. You can park and enjoy the scenery at your favorite lookout point, with everyone that you care about.

And if you are a kid at heart, why not look for Santa’s sleigh while you are up there.

It Saves You Money

If everyone in your party has to drive or cab to the event taking place, you are easily each looking at $50-$100 round trip, plus extra for parking. And this is if you just go to the one spot. Just think about how much money you could save if everyone split a van and got to go together.

Start The Festivities Earlier

When having a van and a designated driver it allows for you and your comrades to start the festivities a little earlier at sometimes or your favorite bar. This is especially beneficial if you work for a company that only gives you 1 drink ticket!

Travel To Multiple Locations

Is your group of family or friends an adventurous bunch? Do you prefer to stop by more than one place? Well with a van rental you can stop by multiple places, without having to pay for extra cab fare! You will be safe, warm, and secure to adventure through the city!

Your holiday season is something that you want to remember for a lifetime as something that was fun, adventurous, festive, and most importantly with no frustrations. With our professional services, exceptional vehicles, and keen aptitude to help you have a wonderful festivity, you can truly enjoy your holiday season stress-free, no matter what occasions are thrown your way.