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Keeping Your Car Clean During a Road Trip


Few things are as fun and exciting as road trips. There's something about getting inside a van and exploring a State –or maybe even the entire country– with friends or family that answers to our thirst for adventure. While traveling may be much more comfortable than it was hundreds of years ago, particularly if you're

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Can’t Miss Beach Towns Near San Diego


California is known for its fantastic scenery and with good reason: Outstanding national parks, beautiful forests, stunning waterfalls, and jaw-dropping beaches. While the State doesn't have it all, it sure comes close, and San Diego is strategically positioned near so many beautiful areas you simply can't resist hopping in a rental van and exploring them

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6 Can’t-Miss Memorial Weekend Events In And Around San Diego!


While not official, Memorial Day Weekend is widely regarded as the start of summer and one of the best opportunities to go out and have fun with the entire family, and as one of America's top touristic destinations, San Diego is the perfect destination to both celebrate and observe this date. Here are some of

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The Ultimate Mexican Beach Weekend Getaway


One of the best things about renting a van to move around San Diego is that it also allows you to travel around a destination you may not have thought of initially : Mexico. With a variety of beautiful beaches and picturesque towns scattered through Baja California and located less than a three-hour drive from

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Rent an All-Star Van To Get Everyone Safe To And From Easter Activities


Easter is a very important holiday to a lot of people around the world. If you are wondering about what to do or where to go for the Easter Holiday, don’t worry, we have you covered here at All-Star Rent A Van.   Here are some of our Easter ideas for your adventure to be:

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Family Easter Activities


Decorate Your Own Easter Baskets To get ready for the Easter Bunny, nothing is better than having your own personalized basket to collect all the goodies. Head to your local dollar store and pick up a couple of plain baskets. To decorate the Easter baskets pick up a few of the following: Stickers Ribbons Fake

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All Star Rent A Van: 15 Passenger Van Rental San Diego


15 Passenger Van Rental San Diego Large group travel is a real headache. Everyone has seen Home Alone or has had a personal experience trying to organize large groups for travel. That's why when you think 15 passenger van rental San Diego...think All Star Rent A Van. We offer the best 15 passenger van rental San

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Tips And Tricks To Stay Safe During Spring Break


Tips And Tricks To Stay Safe During Spring Break Spring break is a time where everyone undoes their ties, unbuttons their bras, gets into something comfortable and flowy, and let's lose from the winters stresses. Whether you’re a hard-working parent or a hardworking student, you deserve some much-needed rest and relaxation. So However, it is

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Must-Have Items For Spring Break


Save yourself a future headache just by packing a with a few of these must-have items for your amazing spring break getaway. When the excitements start to flow as the weekend to spring break is nearing, we have a tendency to forget some of the essentials in our state of euphoria while packing. We’ve got

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Valentines Day For The Family


Valentines isn’t just for you and your significant other or spouse once you have children. While a portion of it still can be, it is always fun if you can include your children for part of it. We understand that at All Star Rent-A-Van and so we’ve compiled a small list of things you can

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