Holidays are coming, and we know a lot of you must get ready for road trips. Don’t try to keep everything you have to do in your head, especially if you are traveling with kids. This would require more energy than your usual alone trips, so start taking note because we got you a few tricks that would help you out having a good time along the way.

  1. Set a Budget: We know these are expensive dates. Setting a budget ahead of time to control your holiday spending is always a good idea. Take into consideration food items you’ll need during the road trip, such as snacks, as well as for social events once you arrive. Budget for the presents and even for inexpensive toys before the celebrations; I mean, this would keep your kids busy for hours while you travel. You may not know the exact costs of these items right now, but setting a range within your budget will keep you from overspending during the trip.

  1. Plan Your Routes: Making a travel itinerary ahead of time may sound like a completely trivial, waste-of-my-precious-time task to complete before you travel, but you must be cautious while traveling with kids. Don’t just jump into your vehicle and program everything on the go. Trust us. Try taking your time to look up the roads with patience. Gather every piece of information you may need so you’re never left hunting for an address or a phone number. This translates in quality time which you can spend exploring or relaxing with the family.


  1. The Frequent Breaks: If you want to channel all that child energy, for the sake of peacefulness, take frequent breaks so everyone can stretch their legs, get some fresh air, and, of course, go potty.But remember, this means taking delays into consideration during your trip, so you need to calculate how often and how long would these breaks should be, in order to get to your destination in time. Getting out of the car frequently will break up those long stretches of open road that have you cooped up for hours on end.


  1. Holiday Traffic: This sounds almost obvious. But during these days there’s nothing worse than holiday traffic. Some of your routes might be congested. If you (as we told you in the second tip) planned this beforehand, you won’t have to deal with impatient people in your car. Now dealing with impatient people outside of your car… that’s another story.