Renting a car for your vacations may seem like splurging, but that’s just a myth. You’d be surprised just how much money it can save you!

When traveling, we all want to have the best experiences at the best price.

Sure, splurging is fun and all, but the more money you save while traveling, the more money you can spend on awesome adventures.

One of the ways people try to save money while on vacation is by using public transportation instead of renting a car, and while that might seem like a no-brainer, you’d be surprised to find out that sometimes renting a car is a lot more cost effective.

Here are some of the reasons why you may want to rent a van on your next trip to San Diego.


It’s More Comfortable

Just like getting your first car leads to having a lot more freedom, renting a car during your vacations means you’re free to do a lot more!
Sure, you might have to worry about parking, but that’s about it. You won’t have to carry your luggage around the city, won’t have to stick to public transportation schedules and won’t need to limit your experiences by those offered by tour agencies.

That attraction you’ve heard so much about but happens to be an hour and a half away from the city? No problem. You’ll be able to get there and maybe even stop for some iced coffee on the way.

It Can Be Cheaper
Yes, public transportation may be cheaper for a single person, but when it comes to families or groups of friends, you’ll find that those subway trips add up fast.

And it’s not only the subway trips, is it?
Subway trips, tours with transportation included, airport shuttle, and the occasional taxi ride.

Next time you’re planning a trip, take the time to make a daily car rental budget, and you’ll see the price can be a lot lower than you believe.


It’s Better Than Using Your Car
With all this talk about how much cheaper and convenient renting a car can be, you may be thinking: “Well, then I’ll take my car. That way I’ll just have to pay for gas.”
That may be true, but using your own car can be more expensive in the long run.

Take the wear-and-tear into consideration. You won’t only have to drive your car in your destination (as you would with a rental car), but you’ll also have to drive your vehicle to your destination and back!

That’s not only more gasoline expenses but also more miles, which can translate into more maintenance.
Speaking of, you know what happens when a rental car breaks down? You call the company, and they replace your vehicle. Sometimes for free, sometimes for a fee, but you’ll have a new car soon enough.

Do you know what happens when your car breaks down in an unfamiliar city?

Lots of headaches and out of pocket expenses you didn’t include in your budget. We’re talking towing, mechanics, diagnostics and repairs — all of them shaving hours off your vacations.
We can think of better ways to spend your time.