Few things are as fun and exciting as road trips.
There’s something about getting inside a van and exploring a State –or maybe even the entire country– with friends or family that answers to our thirst for adventure.
While traveling may be much more comfortable than it was hundreds of years ago, particularly if you’re using one of our rental vans, there are still a few complications worth considering, which is why today we’ll take a look at some easy ways you can keep your van clean, and comfortable, no matter where you go.

Designated Places Are Your Friends.
Having a designated place for everything might go against the spontaneity that road trips are known for, but it will make your life more comfortable.
Choose a place to store your bags and another for your trash; Designate a space for your receipts and another for your tickets.
If you enjoy buying souvenirs, make sure to designate a space for that and if you’re bringing snacks, choose a place where they won’t be exposed to heat and sun.

On the subject of snacks…

Don’t Eat Inside Your Car.
Eating inside your car may be convenient, but it’s a sure way of creating a mess.
Even if you’re a tidy eater that doesn’t leave crumbs everywhere, you’ll be creating trash, and that trash is going to take up space.
While snacking on the car may be an essential part of road trips for you, choose instead to visit local restaurants or, if you’re on a budget, to stop at camping sites and viewpoints to eat.
Not only will this keep your car clean, but it will also allow you to discover new things!


Always Start with a Clean Car
While there’s nothing to worry about if you’re renting one of our vans, as we make sure to keep them clean and ready, starting a road trip with a dirty car is a bad idea.
After all, you’ll have to contend with the existing trash and the trash you’ll create along the way, so it pays to start from zero!

Make Tidying Up a Habit
Every time you stop to eat, take in the scenery, visit an attraction, or to fill up, make sure to tidy up a little.
Take out the trash you already have, dust off the seats and give a quick swipe with a wet wipe or two.
Make this as necessary of a step as filling up or checking your tires, and you’ll have a spotless van through your entire ride.


Make Tidying Up Fun for the Kids
If you’re traveling with children, help them keep the mess to a minimum by designating a space for their toys and using their help to keep the car clean.
Make small games about who can find more trash or who can keep their seat the cleanest and always lead with the example!
Keep in mind that food rewards can lead to even more trash, though.